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There are thousands of fancy dress costumes and accessories at Singapore Charlie's costume shop in Cairns

Thinking about hiring a costume? why hire when you can buy for the around the same price. When you hire for your party, you're wearing a fancy dress costume that someone else might have worn.  If you party too hard and wreck your hired costume, you might have to pay extra to repair the damage. Doesn't it make more sense to buy rather than hire? Buy a brand new pristine fancy dress costume for your party from Singapore Charlie Costumes shop in Cairns.

If your fancy dress costume party theme is Great Gatsby, there's the 20s costumes - flappers and gangsters. Theres ganster men and gangster women. Theres gangster guns, flapper feather headpieces, flapper cigarette holders, garters, gangster suspenders, ties.

If your fancy dress costume party theme is anything beginning with L :- we've got Lancelot, Lucifer, lunatic, lara croft tomb raider...

If your fancy dress costume party theme is C - we've got cave man or cave woman, cadet, cat, cheer leader, chief (Red Indian), cleopatra,clown,cow boy cowgirl, cupid.

Worried about fit? Put together your costume using just accessories. Put together a pirate costume, with a pirate eye patch, a pirate sword, a hook, and a bandana. If your fancy dress party theme is vampires for example, you can put together a vampire costume with a long cloak, fangs and fake blood

You don't have to buy a whole costume, you can buy accessories, put them together to make up a costume thats all your own.The friendly staff at Singapore Charlie are always ready to point our the possibilities of coordinating different accessories to help you make up your own special costume . Whatever the party .. we've got a fancy dress costume for you. Come in to Singapore Charlie's costume shop, its right in the middle of Cairns CBD at the corner of Grafton and Shield St.